Dancers, Books

Several teenage boys stand at the tops of the stairs at
A Further Education college.
They dance, serious faced,
People must walk around them-
They feign indifference to their own rudeness.
Their movement is near constant,
When not moving, they talk.
An inner light animates them,
It is faith that their lives
Will be good, that something significant
Is ahead of them.

An old man’s books sit in his grandson’s flat.
As the books are opened,
Old correspondence tumbles out-
To the TLS: ‘As a pedant…’
Another from a poet on the removal of his kidney.
More than the books that the old man wrote,
These books, that he read and re-read,
Were his life,
His faith illuminated each,
In return they kept his soul hopeful that
There was something significant yet to be gleaned.

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