Light Studies

Flesh pink sky, apricot sun-
A setting sun, nearing horizon.
The sun leaves blind spots in its admirers’ eyes,
Metallic green negatives, stowed behind lids,
Which remain for a few minutes before losing their power.
Sunset pours through the glass of
Alexandra Palace’s domes,
Flooding them rosily, the effect?
Animation of the inanimate.
Very soon afterwards, the sun sets completely,
Leaving only the pink sky, which is also fast fading.

A cherry blossom tree in a beer garden-
Spring sun is temporarily strong.
Breeze cascades blossom,
Enchanting the pavement in front of the pub.
The tree’s left hand side glows,
The white blossom is gilded.
The right is cloaked in shade,
Transforming the tree into a sculpture,
Ornate, grey and solemn.

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