There have been some problems with his vision…

‘They said what’s improved so far is it,
I’m probably not getting any more of it back.
I just want to get back,
get my money back.
They kept on saying it wasn’t right
for me to get my commission with me not being in.
I told Steve it might’ve been nice to know that
Two weeks before I got paid,
rather than two weeks after.
It’s five hundred quid – I said I was checking my contract.
Steve said “That’s how things get sour.”
I said “Are you threatening me, Steve?”
If it’s about me not ringing candidates
then whoever did should get it –
it’s thirty seconds on a Monday morning anyway –
but I don’t think they did that,
just kept it for themselves.
You know what they’re like there…
I don’t know how it’ll go when I’m back.’

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